If You Process Florida Towing and Mechanic Liens, You Could See More Changes Coming


Effective February 1, 2021, all Florida towing companies, mechanic shops, or any entity processing a towing and storage lien or mechanics lien is required to use an approved third-party mail provider. 

As you know, Auto Data Direct is an approved third-party provider and has been working diligently to assure Florida companies receive training and know what lies ahead for them. The Florida DHSMV released the new TL-25 and TL-26 in March. The TL-26, which governs Florida towing notifications, has received several revisions.

The legal department of the DHSMV is currently reviewing a portion of the statute that determines whether a tow company has the ability to charge 7 days of storage if notifications are sent outside of 7 business days. Keep an eye out for a ruling from the DHSMV.

As a towing company or mechanic shop using Auto Data Direct services, you want to be certain that the company information matches what is listed in the division of corporations for Florida. If you are a towing company and have multiple locations or a title company sending letters for numerous entities, the law requires the physical return address of the towing company or mechanic and repair shop to be listed on the outside of the envelope. ADD has implemented this change in the system. To update your profile in your ADD account, click on Settings, then go to Form Profiles.

Mechanic lien notifications must contain the motor vehicle repair shop’s registration number, owner’s name, and physical address, as well as the entity name, as registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, of the business where the repair work or storage occurred. The entity’s name must also appear on the outside of the envelope sent to the registered owner, the customer, and all other persons claiming an interest in or lien on the vehicle.

For more information, visit:

DHSMV Motor Vehicle Procedures Manual

FL 713.585 Mechanics Statute

FL 713.78 Towing Statute