ADD is Proud to Announce DirectPost-Office is Open in South Carolina


We’ve been working on it for a while, and we’re pleased to announce that through a change to the state’s statute, Auto Data Direct can now offer its time and money-saving DirectPost-Office (DPO) certified letter service to South Carolina tow companies!

Prior to this 2022 legislation passing, tow companies had to retrieve owner and lienholder name and address directly from the DMV. Those same tow companies were required to notify those interested parties using certified mail with return receipt requested, necessitating a trip to the local post office.

We're happy to say you can SKIP THE TRIP to the post office and get those records in minutes! With the passage of HB 3729, South Carolina tow companies can instantly access real-time owner and lienholder records through an ADD account and prepare and send certified letters straight from their computer. ADD’s DPO service offers certified mail with electronic tracking which is now acceptable to the state. The revised statute allows tow companies to retrieve records either from the department using conventional methods, or electronically through ADD as an approved, real-time record provider with the state.


  • Instant Access to Real-Time South Carolina Owner/Lienholder Data
  • Access to nearly 40 Additional States’ Data including South Carolina’s neighboring jurisdictions – Virginia, DC, North Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, and Alabama
  • Access to NMVTIS Title History Reports
  • Live Customer Service (based in the US) 6 Days a Week
  • Free System Training and Issue Resolution
  • Merge Owner/Lienholder Data with South Carolina Notification Certified Mail
  • Send Letters from Your Desktop – Skip the Trip to the Post Office
  • Electronic Tracking in Lieu of Return Receipt
  • Web Based Solution, No Special Equipment Needed
  • Electronic Manifest that Keeps Records Organized

To learn more about ADD’s services for South Carolina tow companies, contact us at  850-877-8804 or . Se habla español.