New Letters and Real-time State Records Available for Ohio Tow Companies


On October 1st, ADD launched its DirectPost-Office certified letter program for tow operators in Ohio. The availability of our nationally renowned system for towing notification of lien and sale on impounded/abandoned vehicles came in conjunction with a new law passed in Ohio earlier in the year. 

The law changes some of the requirements for the tow industry and ADD has programmed the forms and letters needed for Ohio tow customers to comply.

But that’s not the best part of what ADD is now offering to Ohio businesses. With the addition of real-time Ohio title and registration records earlier this year, ADD now contracts with 42 jurisdictions – including the District of Columbia - for this vital access to the most accurate records available from a Motor Vehicle department. Each state can differ in its permissible uses so our customers, depending on industry, will see a difference in how many jurisdictions they can access through the DMV123 tab.

ADD has access to more jurisdictions for real-time records than any other company of its kind. We continue to work with the remaining jurisdictions to add access for our qualified customers. And we encourage each of you to explore your DMV123 drop down menu to make sure you are taking advantage of all the secure, accurate records available based on your company’s permissible use.