Florida Dealers Share Their Experiences with ADD


Since its inception in 1999, Auto Data Direct has relied on growing its business by providing the best customer service along with the most reliable and user-friendly industry tools possible. Its valued customers are, and have always been, its best form of advertising. Automobile dealers in Florida benefit from ADD’s real-time records, ELT program, and temporary and permanent title and registration services. Let’s hear from some of them.

Deborah Brown, Comptroller for Allen Turner Chevrolet is especially grateful for DMV123, ADD’s multistate, real-time vehicle record search. “I use the record search for every vehicle traded to us,” she said. “The report shows the state of title for the vehicle, the names of the owners, names of the registrants, and who the lienholder is. Our GM now requires this report on every used vehicle. We avoid title nightmares in the future by knowing in the beginning what we are dealing with. It saves time, money and gives a clear view of the future sale. We use DMV123 searches all day, every day, and I love it! And the level of customer support is impeccable.”

Johna Swanson, Senior Business Manager for Marinemax says ADD’s services have improved her customers’ satisfaction with their services. “Our customers are delighted to receive their FL numbers before they leave instead of waiting weeks for paperwork to be lost on someone’s desk. This change has positively impacted our customer experience and reviews with giant leaps in the delivery experience.” Marinemax now uses Florida’s Electronic Filing Service (EFS) through its ADD account. “The speed and ease of finalizing documents has meant no downtime or hours waiting in lines for team members at the local tax collector’s offices, meaning our team has become more efficient and productive. ADD’s partnership through support and training has been top-notch! I recommend joining forces with this great team!”

Karen King, Title Clerk with Atlantic Infiniti says she has used ADD’s system for 10 years and in her 21 years of being a title clerk, says, “This program is one of the best that I have come across. I did a lot of research on the companies that offer the same kind of service and have found that ADD is one of the best.” Karen says ADD has made her life much easier. “We are able to check our customers’ registrations and driver’s license while they are sitting in our office. Instead of having to wait between one week and 10 days for our local DMV office to complete our work, I can have it completed within one day. I issue plates and renewal stickers from my desk.”

At ADD, our team members are the heart of our organization. Customers are valued and offered personalized, friendly service. For Amanda Baird, Title Clerk with Tom Gibbs Chevrolet and Palm Coast Import Auto for the past seven years says ADD’s Frank Toms demonstration of the EFS option for issuing tags in house was a game-changer for her. “I am so glad we switched to this! I can complete everything on my time and don’t have to worry about waiting on the DMV to send it back. Frank is always there when I have a question or concern. Even on Saturdays! This is by far the best switch that we have made for our title department.”