Time to Take a Look at the Statute. Are You Complying with the Law?


Auto Data Direct, Inc. (ADD) prides itself on providing services to our customers that enables them to comply with statutes and regulations that govern their industries. Our services include providing access to DMV records to entities that are qualified under their state’s privacy laws and the Federal Driver Privacy Protection Act (DPPA).

ADD provides DirectPost-Office (DPO) that enables our customers to create required lien notice forms through their ADD account and then electronically send them into the USPS mail stream. This DMV record access and DPO mail service saves our customers ink, paper, and envelope supply cost as well as saving time creating documents and skipping trips to the post office.

In all cases, ADD tools adhere to state statute and DMV rules associated with records and lien notifications. For example, Florida Statutes (713.58 and 713.78) relating to processing of Towing & Storage liens and Labor, Service, & Storage (Mechanic) liens were changed during the 2019 legislative session with the changes taking effect on January 1, 2020. These changes became mandatory per the Florida DHSMV on February 1, 2021. ADD’s pledge to our customers and to the jurisdictions with which we contract, is that we are steadfast in our commitment to ensure appropriate use of records coming from our DMV123 platform and the use of industry tools for compliance activities. For example, in Florida, state records obtained for lien sale title transfers should ONLY be retrieved in conjunction with the proper notification procedures as outlined in state statute and DMV procedures. No customer should query a record for lien notification purposes and fail to send the letter through ADD’s DPO. There are only two entities in FL approved as a third-party provider and proudly, ADD was the first.

Records should be obtained only for the DPPA purposes for which that account is approved. Inappropriate use of a record, or if ADD is notified by an entity like the DMV or law enforcement that an ADD account was used to commit a DPPA violation or facilitate or commit any fraud, we are mandated to take administrative action. This could result in a user losing their access to the ADD account, or the account being suspended or closed permanently. Our goal is to protect the integrity of our system, the many DMV systems we link to, and continue to maintain a system for our customers who are abiding by the statutes, ordinances, and DMV procedures. Regardless of the state your company is in, take time to understand the statutes related to your industry and how access to personal information and electronic processes can be used.

ADD’s services make our customers’ daily business routines more efficient, cost-effective, and accurate. Our goal, every day, is to protect our system and partnerships with motor vehicle departments nationwide, so that our customers reap the benefits of this unique web-based service.