Batch Your NMVTIS Vehicle History Reports for Efficiency


Occasionally we like to remind our valued customers about some of the cool features of our system that enhance the efficiency of their business processes. Today we’re reminding companies with a full service ADD account they can run multiple VINS at one time through our NMVTIS VIN Inquiry tool. 

It’s easy. Just go to your DMV123 or TitleCheck icon on your home page and select NMVTIS Inquiry. The window for the NMVTIS History Inquiry will show a reference field and a VIN field. Below the VIN field is an icon for Multiple VINS. When you select it, a window will open with the ability to place multiple VINS. Our customers who use this feature frequently will load the VINS they want reports for into an excel file (one VIN per row) and just cut and paste into the Inquiry tool multiple VIN window.

Our customers can run several hundred VINs at one time based on the credit balance in their account and connection speed. The final reports are available in the record manifest to be viewed and each report can be printed when needed. Records can also be selected from the manifest and extracted in bulk for printing outside the ADD system.

If you have questions, give us a call at 850-877-8804 or email and we’re happy to walk you through the process.