ADD Keeping an Eye on Legislative Actions


ADD team members work hard to stay connected with our industry partners and officials when it comes to any legislative changes, especially when those changes directly affect our customers. Staying active with state and local DMV representatives ensures that we’re providing our customers with the right tools to complete business and compliance activities.

For example, last year working with professionals and elected officials in Ohio we were able to amend the abandoned vehicle statute to allow for ADD’s single VIN, real-time records to be used for notification purposes (instead of having to go directly to the state for a record) and added the option of certified mail with electronic tracking to acceptable methods of notification. Previously the statute required return receipt requested which adds to the cost of mailing those required letters. That law goes into effect on March 23, 2022.

With a range of industries served by ADD, our scope of activity is broad. We also benefit from industry partners and associations that keep tabs on what state legislatures are doing. Whether it is ensuring data privacy while maintaining access to records under the DPPA, making regulatory processes like lien notification more time and cost-effective, or business transactions like insurance claims investigations more efficient, the ADD team keeps its eye on opportunities to improve our customers’ business activities.

In January, there were 34 jurisdictions with active legislative sessions. Within each of those states proposed laws are being filed every day that could impact our customers and ADD’s unique business model. Our team identifies, tracks, and in some cases like the Ohio example, works to make changes that are beneficial to our valued customers.