ADD’s History of Expertise and Innovation for Our Valued Customers


In September 1999, Auto Data Direct was born with the intent to use technology to improve processes and efficiently complete government and business transactions. While a lot of things have changed in the past 20 years, the thread of technological innovation, excellent customer service, and problem-solving through changes in government rules and processes, remain the same.

Whether you’ve been a customer from the beginning, or just opened an account, we hope you will enjoy taking a stroll down memory lane with us to better understand the level of expertise and innovation offered by your ADD team.


DMV123 started in Florida with access to title information and driver license data. The idea was to be able to electronically access records and merge the data into forms to reduce errors caused by title clerks handwriting VINs and other title details into paper forms. As important was the fact that this information was provided in real-time - no batch or bulk data for ADD! The goal was to ensure the most accurate information would be used to satisfy title applications and notification of lien and sale. In 2007, ADD began obtaining real-time records from Texas. By the end of 2009, we added contracts with Alabama, Maine, Mississippi, Louisiana, Tennessee, Arkansas, and New York. Eventually, the service was coined DMV123. Since then, we have secured contracts for real-time data from 40 jurisdictions with the development of the District of Columbia and Ohio planned for this summer and fall. Today, ADD holds a unique place among service providers nationally; it offers access to more jurisdictions' real-time owner and lienholder data than any other company of our kind.


In 2003, DPO, as we know it now, was launched for the Florida tow industry. In fact, the first letters sent electronically occurred on February 28, 2003. The ability to send out notifications as certified mail, without going to the post office, was a major leap forward in efficiency and simplicity for our customers. As the access to new jurisdictions' data came available, our Florida customers could use the same efficient and accurate process to send notifications to interested parties in those states. In 2009, we launched the Texas version of DPO. While Florida and Texas are our largest markets for DPO, we have added state-specific letters for Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, North Dakota, Indiana, and Missouri in the last several years.


In 2008, ADD partnered with the Florida DHSMV to become a web-portal for Florida dealers to report the issuance of temp tags and registration data directly into the department’s real-time database. As the department expanded programming in 2010 to allow for the reporting of the temporary transfer of a metal plate, ADD made sure its customers had access to perform that function. Then in 2016, when the department opened the long-closed EFS system to additional providers, ADD began offering our customers permanent metal plate services.


One of the most substantial changes for ADD came in 2009 when we partnered with AAMVA to become the first access provider for title history reports. Three months later, we celebrated another first - as the first consolidator of NMVTIS data. That opened the door to be able to better serve the recycling, salvage, and insurance industries. Our tech team created an easy-to-use solution for these industries to meet the Department of Justice requirements. In 2012, ADD partnered with the Georgia Department of Revenue as the provider for consolidated state and federal vehicle reporting for salvage entities. Four years later, we did the same with the Tennessee DOR.


In 2012, Electronic Lien and Title was added to ADD’s suite of services. ADD is a direct provider for ELT services in Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Nevada. We further extended our ELT service to other states through a partnership with other national ELT vendors.

The Future is Bright

Every day, your ADD team looks at ways to improve our customers' experience - whether it’s expanding real-time record access or adding state-specific services like DirectPost-Office letters and forms. The future is bright, and we look forward to continuing our legacy of technological innovation, delivered with the most knowledgeable and friendly customer service in the industry.