ADD’s Custom Letter tool is Popular with all Industries


ADD’s customers have come to appreciate access to the Custom Letter tool available to any account user needing to send certified mail. The convenience of skipping the trip to the post office is catching on with finance companies, attorneys, marinas, storage facilities – any company needing that special letter while also wanting to save their valuable time in getting it done.


It’s incredibly easy and convenient to use. In the DirectPost-Office (DPO) tab, click on Custom Letter. Vehicle information is optional, and you can add a reference ID. From there you can drag and drop or hit Upload Letter to find the file in your documents you want to use. Simply add your completed letter and the document is ready to go. You are given an opportunity to review the letter and re-upload if needed to make corrections.

You can also use your ADD profiles for return addresses and external envelope text. You can add profiles (business name and address) if you have multiple locations. And just hit the Add Recipient button to mail a copy to additional interests. The Custom Letter tool lets you attach forms from our system, like the certificate of compliance for mechanic’s liens in Florida. This is helpful for ADD accounts that need to attach a specific required form for a final packet but is not part of the mailing.

After one more shot at reviewing the letter, you’ll be redirected to DPO where the letter will be sent to the mail stream for delivery. The letter can be tracked in the DPO manifest inside your account, so you know when it is sent and delivered. Does it get any easier than that?

If you have questions or would like more information, please contact ADD at  850-877-8804  or . Se habla español.

Please note - Florida wrecker operators and mechanics will still utilize the traditional DPO process to comply with state statues and DHSMV procedures.