Florida Dealers: Are you Prepared for Summer Outages?


Floridians know just how unpredictable the weather can be during the summer. From power outages to inclement weather, your business can be negatively impacted by Florida’s weather mood swings. The good news is that dealers have a way to stay ahead of outages with pre-printed tag stock from their local tax collectors or tag offices!


Pre-printed tags can be bought in multiples of five, but they can only be used if the DHSMV or Auto Data Direct is experiencing outages or difficulties that makes dealers unable to access our ADDTag system. These tags can also be used during scheduled DHSMV outages for maintenance. You can locate your local office below:

To use these tags, they must be reported as soon as the system is back online or within 24 hours. You can report them via your ADDTag app with the “Offline Issuance” selection under “Issuance type”. You MUST complete this step after issuing a pre-printed tag in order to stay compliant with DMV procedure.

Don’t lose out on business just because the power went out unexpectedly, be prepared with your pre-printed tag stock and keep things moving!

If you have any questions regarding this process or anything else, don’t hesitate to contact ADD via email at  info@add123.com  or call on of our friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives at  850-877-8804 .