Tennessee Tow Company Benefits from ADD Services


Jimmy Collins, the owner of Casper’s Body Shop & Wrecker Service, is a hard-working business owner. He has long days and with two locations now in Greenville and Whitepine, Tennessee, his days are even longer. But according to Jimmy, his account with Auto Data Direct (ADD) has simplified and sped up state-mandated processes and allows him to focus on managing his trucks, rather than processing paperwork to meet regulatory requirements.

While Tennessee’s owner and lienholder notification statute requires the tow company to send the state one dollar for a Tennessee record from them, ADD’s DMV123 real-time vehicle records search provides the information instantaneously. “I have to send the dollar off to the state, but I can go ahead and pull the record through ADD and send my letter immediately. As long as the record that comes back from the state is the same as I received from ADD, which happens more than 95% of the time, I’m ahead of the game,” says Jimmy. “And if the vehicle is from another state that ADD offers, I can verify the record and send my Tennessee letter. ADD is reliable and their system has sped up the process, saving me time and money.”

Jimmy says ADD’s national title pointer is extremely helpful when the state of title is not obvious. “When we can’t identify where the vehicle is from, we use the national title pointer to find the last state of title. Then we can pull the record from the state if it’s available through ADD.”

ADD’s national title pointer provides a title history of the vehicle through the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS). In addition to the current and prior states of title, it offers information on any brands associated with the vehicle, and it alerts the tow company if it has been reported stolen through information provided by a national theft database.

“I highly recommend ADD to other tow companies in Tennessee and throughout the country,” said Jimmy. “It’s easy to use, affordable, and their employees are very helpful and accessible. They listen to suggestions and are always available to personally answer questions and address issues that might come up.”