Staying Connected With Our Government Partners Through AAMVA


ADD team members travel the country joining our valued customers at a variety of industry conferences. Whether we just attend or set up a booth in the exhibit hall, getting to spend some in-person time with some of our favorite people is high on our list of things to do. We feel the same way about our government partners and that is why we take an active role with the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA).

AAMVA is the national organization for motor vehicle administrators and staff. Whether they are called the DMV, BMV, Department of Safety or Transportation, these are the folks who regulate the records and access to information our customers need to conduct business. Today, ADD has contracts with 42 jurisdictions for access to single VIN, real-time title and registration records. That’s more than any other company of our kind. For the most part, the relationships required to secure those contracts were formed through our participation in AAMVA.

Using that platform, for the past 20 years, your ADD team has explained our business model and why allowing DPPA qualified companies, like our customers, to access real-time motor vehicle records is good for business, consumers, and ultimately the departments that regulate these specific activities. When we participate in a conference or on an AAMVA working group, we are representing you and your ability to perform business transactions more efficiently and accurately.

We also use those opportunities to stay abreast of what the jurisdictions are thinking when it comes to other rules that impact your business and educate their staff on other programs our customers use. For example, we talk about ADD’s DirectPost-Office certified mail with electronic tracking and how use of that system offers a secure, auditable process for sending, tracking, and documenting compliance of regulated activities like notification of lien and sale of impounded/abandoned vehicles.

ADD is proud to have earned a reputation among Motor Vehicle departments nationwide as a trusted partner that can be relied on to respect and protect personal data of consumers and to provide a secure, effective system for industry to conduct vital business.