Letter From the DOJ for NMVTIS Reporting Entities


The DOJ recently provided ADD with the attached notice that was issued October 22, 2021 by DOJ for NMVTIS Reporting Entities regarding the importance of timely and accurately reporting junk, salvage and total loss vehicles. The notice is both a reminder about the reporting obligations of NMVTIS entities and to help ensure that consumers are aware of the dangers associated with flood-damaged automobiles.

The letter reads:

Dear NMVTIS Reporting Entities:

The U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs' Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) appreciates your efforts to report junk and salvage (including total loss) automobiles to the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS) as required by federal statute. Such actions provide essential information to help inform both commercial and private consumers when making decisions on purchasing used automobiles, and prompt reporting helps to protect consumers.

As our nation enters the season of more severe weather, including hurricanes and flooding, such events can lead to water-damaged automobiles, impacting not only their value but also their safe operation. BJA is actively working with the NMVTIS system operator, the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators to encourage the timely and accurate submission of required NMVTIS reporting, and to help ensure that consumers are aware of the dangers associated with flood-damaged automobiles.

BJA continues to monitor issues of non-compliance by required reporting entities, including the timely reporting of junk salvage and total loss automobiles. We will continue to work with such reporting entities to ensure their compliance with the reporting requirements. For those entities that fail to meet reporting requirements or address non-compliance issues brought to their attention, BJA will, as appropriate, initiate civil actions that may lead to penalties. BJA encourages reporting entities to submit NMVTIS reports daily. Considering the potential increase in the number of non-repairable, flood-damaged automobiles during severe weather conditions and their risk to consumers, reporting will be closely monitored.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and willingness to work together to ensure the timely and accurate reporting to help keep consumers and communities safe. For any questions you might have regarding NMVTIS or reporting, please contact Gregory Joy, BJA Policy Advisor, at Gregory.Joy@usdoj.gov.


Kristen Mahoney

Acting Director

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